Thursday, 17 April 2014

The future of Charlton Athletic.

Again, it's been a while since I've made a proper Blog Post so... here it is...

What I think about the future of Charlton Athletic football club is that it is impossible to predict, especially at this point of time, in the next five years, the way I see it, we're going to be in either two positions, one, struggling to fight relegation in the Football League One, two, struggling to fight relegation in the Championship, so, I know which position I'd rather Charlton be in, in fact, in five years time we may not even be struggling to avoid relegation to the League One but instead, aiming for promotion to the Premier League provided we have become a stabilized club in the Championship first and this all depends on this season, right now, whether we get relegated or not could decide the next five years of being of Charlton Athletic and the reason I think that is because I reckon it'd take about five years for us to become a proper Championship club.

As for what the team will look like in five years time, well, if those Belgians are still in charge, every player's name will probably be unpronounceable, with players like Ghoochannejhad (you'll never believe it, because I definitely can't believe it, but I just spelt Reza's name without even having to copy and paste, I did it straight from memory, oh, I am so proud of my self!!) joining the team from Standard Liège's reserves (for all I know Reza wasn't playing in the reserves and I don't think he should have been because I know he is a reasonably good player, scoring loads of goals and all (just not in England, unfortunately) but he must've been playing in the reserves for him to have been sent to Charlton especially since it wasn't on loan but on a permanent transfer!!), oh and let's not forget about more Anıl Koç's in the future, joining Charlton.

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

UPDATE: Post Patterns.

Going to make this post very short, I am no longer going to try and post 16 posts one month and 15 after then 16 again and 15 again after that, instead, I'm just going to see how many posts I can put up every month, no plan whatsoever.